Wondershare All MyTube For Mac Review

Download Youtube Videos on Mac
  • Download YouTube and Other Streaming Videos On Your Mac
  • Archive YouTube Videos Files on Your Mac
  • Batch Download Youtube Videos in Single Interface.
  • Easy To Use Main User Interface. Works with Snow Leopard.
  • Batch Convert YouTube Files in Various Formats for your iPod, iPhone
  • Convert Local FLV Files Regardless to from where you’ve downloaded
  • Name Change from Wondershare Youtube Downloader.
  • Fully Supports Intel and Power PC Mac.
Youtube is full of Videos and It is probably the biggest website of videos on the Internet. Lots of videos in youtube are really educational, funny or you might want to download videos from youtube and put them on your Mac for any reason.

Wondershare YouTube Downloader For Mac is probably one of the best youtube download software for Mac. It supports lots of features and makes putting youtube videos on your computer very easy. Wondershare YouTube downloader is a very easy and powerful Youtube video downloader tool and also a youtube video converter. It supports complete features to download YouTube Videos on Mac and convert YouTube video to iPod,iPhone, PSP, Apple TV, Zune, Pocket PC and lots of other portable devices. Youtube Downloader and Converter both features are in one single software so this youtube downloader does everything youneed to do!

Youtube Download For Snow Leopard

Main Features of Wondershare AllMyTube / YouTube Downloader For Mac

Save Youtube For Mac

If you are searching for “How to Download Youtube Videos Using Mac” then this software is the answer. You can download and convert youtuble videos for Mac using this very powerful software.

• Convert Youtube Video For Mac

Apart from downloading the videos from youtube, you can convert the videos to a format of your choice and put the video on your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Zune etc..

• Archive Youtube Video

You can also archive youtube videos. This software provides you with different categories to archive downloaded Youtube video on Mac.

• Easy To Use

Wondershare Youtuble Downloader For Mac is a very easy to use software. Its UI is so simple that on first run, you can understand all of its features very easily. All you need to do is login into your youtube account and start downloading videos with great ease on mac.

• Batch Download Feature

You don’t need to wait for a download to finish so that you can start another download. This software supports a batch download feature which allows you to download many videos simultaneously. You can start downloading several videos and see the progress bar for each video separately.

• Batch Convert

This feature allows you to convert downloaded videos to a format compatible with iPod or other similar devices. If you have downloaded videos from any other source in flv format, you can also convert those videos with this software.

• View Youtube Download History

This feature lets you see the files you have downloaded in the fast. So If you don’t remember what you have downloaded, you can see the download history and proceed accordingly. This really saves you time!

• Customizable Program Features

If you need to customise the settings, you can easily do so. This Youtube downloader for Mac is really very flexible when it comes to adjusting features.

Wondershare All MyTube Downloader Review

If you are looking for a mac software to download youtube videos then your search ends right here.

By Using this software you can download videos from Youtube For your mac and put them on your mac. You can also convert downloaded videos to a format compatible with your iPod, iPhone and other similar portable devices. You can download several youtube videos at once. It also supports batch conversion feature to convert the download .flv files.

What We liked very much in the software is its easy to use interface. You can clearly understand its features and use them according to your requirement. Apart from converting youtube videos, you can also convert local flv files to a format of your choice. There are several other features as well

1.Support automatically searching and downloading videos on Yahoo, Google, etc.

2.Support automatically searching and downloading videos on Vista system.

3.Support resuming downloading multiple files at the same time.

4.Support controlling the process bar when playing a video.

We would strongly suggest you to download the free version of this Youtube Downloader for mac and try it in your system. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!